Last nite I went to a local meeting held by Best Friends Animal Society. If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ve seen me mention them several times.  They are my favorite charity organization in the world. They have a wonderful Animal Sanctuary in Utah.  Their philosopy is: kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us.

They have made such a huge impact on saving animals from euthanasia. In the early ’80’s, there  were over 17 million pets being euthanized in the US each year. Since then, the campaign for No More Homeless Pets has decreased that # to around 5 million. Pretty amazing, but with help from you and me, they can do better. Goal: O

The new initiatives they are implementing include:

1. understanding the “Bully Breeds”, (pit bulls) and stop dog fighting and discrimination (Pits make up about 50% of dogs in shelters, but when handled w/ respect and love, are wonderful pets)

2.Don’t buy puppies from pet stores, because they keep puppy mills in business.

3. Trap, Neuter and Release ferel cats.

4. Public Education and resource information sharing.

Even if you can’t donate money to a shelter, you can help in other ways. Volunteer your time.  Save old towels, newspapers,pet toys, old collars and leashes, etc. and take them to  a local shelter.  Host a food drive for pet food. Report abuse or abandonment to your local HSUS or police.  Adopt a pet.  Give someone a gift of membership to Best Friends.  Last, go have a look at the website and get ideas and see what they’re all about.  Best Friends Animal Society  A life may depend on it.  Thanks! I’ll step off my soapbox now.