Alpine Travelers

Alpine Travelers

This is a tag that is circulating on various blogs, and I am inspired to make my own list of 16 things about me.


1. I know (almost) every word to every song from The Sound of Music, and sing them shamelessly at the top of my lungs often.

2. After seeing the movie about 87 times, I still sometimes cry.

3. I have more empathy and sympathy in my heart for animals than humans.

4. When I get a good haircut, I make H.K. take loads of pictures of me.

5. I’d rather be hiking/sleeping  in the wilderness than on a cruise ship any day.

6. My favorite cuisine is Asian, (Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese), followed by Indian.

7. Although kids seem to love me, I NEVER wanted any of my own.

8. I love violent movies, esp Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction.

9. My day hasn’t “officially” started until I’ve gone running with my dogs.

10. I am obsessive-compulsive about conserving natural resources and recycling (just ask my friends!)

11. 70’s music is still the best!

12. I am a cheapskate and have no problem asking for discounts.

13. I love the “F” word, and use it often.

14. I love reality shows, esp. Survivor, The Amazing Race, and American Idol. (I even filled out the application to be on the Amazing Race w/ honeykins, but we “practiced” in Eastern Europe and argued too much.

14. I am not a proud American. I hope that changes soon!

15. 11 years ago, my two dogs were neglected (and therefore killed) by a negligent dogsitter/”friend”. I’ve never gotten over it, or forgiven him.

16. I am my own worst enemy. But I’m working on that.


Consider yourself tagged.  If you’re a blogger, leave a link with your 16 things. If you’re not, leave a reply so we can learn more about you!