November 2008

It’s finally “sweater weather” here in the South, and we are loving it!  The leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air. Time to make soups and chili. And time to get your garlic in the ground. WHAAATTTT???? You’ve never planted garlic? Well, shame on you! It’s easy as pie and sure is special in the late spring when you pull it up, mix it up with your homegrown basil and tomatoes and make a big old batch of pesto. YUM!

Just go and buy a head or two (or more) of garlic, (organic, preferably) and plant it about 2 or 3 inches deep in well-amended soil in full sun. Place the pointy tip up. Cover with good soil and mulch.  Come late spring/early summer, the tops (green growth kinda like a scallion top) will start to turn yellow and wilt.  when it is 3/4 yellow, pull it up and you’ve got homegrown garlic.

Make sure you water it like you would other flowers or shrubs, and place an organic fertilizer on it in the early spring.  If you live in the deep south, plant in jan. or Feb.  If you live up north, you’re too late. Bummer!

I’ve been holding my breath since my last post, afraid to allow myself to breathe too deeply. trying to take my mind away from the most important issue of the days, the weeks, the months. Actually for the last 8 years, in November of 2000, when honeykins and i were sitting on a sailboat in the middle of the carribean, trying to figure out, along with the rest of the world, who our president elect was. As the news waivered between gore (yeah) and bush (boo hiss), so did our spirits. That’s when the smooth sailing became rough water, and we wanted so badly to just bail out.

But we didn’t bail, we held our course, we voted when we could and did the small things that would calm the waters in our own lives.  And now, today, 8 LOOOONNNNGGGGG years later, the fruits of our efforts and of like-minded strangers and friends that share our vision, have made the change we’ve been holding our breath for.

So now we surface–and we breathe deeply the fresh air that today brings.  We will rise to the occasion to get our once-great country back on track. It’s time to raise our sails and leave behind the stormy seas that have rocked our boat for too damn long. I’m ready.


Yes, WE DID!!!!!

Yes, WE DID!!!!!

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