Yikes! It’s mid November & I just got my pic’s from halloween back! yeah, my camera quit working the day after Halloween, and i’ve been crazy on my book, so I just sorta blew it off. I finally took it in to the camera shop this weekend. He told me, says, “hmmmm…this doesn’t look good. Nope, not good at all.  how old is this camera? did you drop it?” well, shit.  I do NOT have the $$ to go out and buy a new camera right now–maybe for christmas or something, but, shit!

So camera-boy says to me, says, “do you have your cable to hook it up?” so i start looking in my camera bag, and i find the extra battery that we bought for big trips, and I say, “hmmm, let’s just try something here…” and PRESTO BINGO, camera comes on!

So now I can share some photos with you. Here is Roxie, she was a skunk. 

pee-pee la Pew

pee-pee la Phew