OOOHHHH–I’m so proud!  My girl, Roxanne, is on the cover of a calendar! No, she’s not a pinup model, and you don’t need to turn out the red light, she’s my “hybrid” rescue dog. Roxie and I are members of Happy Tails, an animal-assisted therapy program.  Once a month, a group of 6 dogs and their people go to an assisted living center and entertain the residents and each other.  Some of the dogs are best at just sitting on laps, but Roxie likes to do her repertoire of tricks, like jumping through my arms, bang-bang, and weaving through my legs.  She’s always good for a laugh and loves to really ham it up! She’s also an awsome frisbee dog!

Which brings me to a subject near and dear to my heart. Over the years, I have rescued 6 dogs, and i can honestly say that evey single one of them has been a wonderful addition to our family. They have all (knock wood) lived long and healthy lives, and I sleep well knowing that I have given a new leash on life to a formerly homeless animal.

I was watching Elllen the other day, and she had Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) on, talking about her pet project, Home 4 the Holidays, a program that hopes to help adopt a million pets this year. Check it out, and if you are in the market for a companion, please consider saving the life of a homeless pet. You won’t regret it!  WOOF!!